Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Shameless Plug

Sorry I got to do it. The POPGUN Vol. 1 will be out in stores and available at Amazon and other fine comic retailers online in November. " The first PopGun Comics Anthology is well over 500 pages and it's a
beast. The idea behind the book is an anthology that appeals to a
wide market. There are no safe anthology stories here, and PopGun has
a real life and a pulse to it. PopGun screams rock 'n roll, Andy
Warhol, super spies, rocket packs, grindhouse flicks, vinyl records,
old comics that time forgot. In a way, the book is a love letter to
everything we love about pop art - comics, records, movies, etc.
PopGun is a four color mixtape for the planet to plug into and come
out realizing comics are part of the larger pop art spectrum."






Bill Ferguson said...

Congratulations, did you do the whole comic? I would like to check it out!

Matt Schuster said...

I've heard a lot of good buzz around this book, I plan on checking it out when it's published.

Josh Hoye said...

Its an anthology, so its a bunch of short stories. I illustrated(colored/text) two of the stories.

mike r baker said...

Wow. I gotta get it. You da man, Josh!

Rayford said...

This is truly exciting. Congratulations on getting it through all the perils of publishing! Can't wait to pick it up.