Thursday, October 11, 2007

Pandora Needs Your Help!

Oh, great and powerful Illustration Mafia! Sorry to spam you like this but the IF challenge is picking 25 best from this week (voting goes on 'till the 18th) to be in a show at Open Books. I want to be in that show for one big reason - it's 4 blocks from my house. So, if you could find in your heart and busy schedules to vote for me, I'd be much obliged.

Go to Illustration Friday and vote for me! Follow the directions there and scroll down until you see "mike r baker" and click the star next to my name. You can vote for 5 illustrations.

Pandora for IF's "open" theme - gouache on bristol.

UPDATE 10-19-07 - I'm in the show! Thanks a ton, all who helped me be there!


Rebecca said...

I voted both because you asked me to, and because I absolutely love this! I bought some acryla gouache and have played around, and I really admire your gouache skills.

I think this is gorgeous. The colors are terrific and the character designs are great!

Bill Ferguson said...

My vote is yours!! Just tell me your stance on the immigration policy and health care. lol
This is awesome!! Good job

mike r baker said...

Thanks, Rebecca!

Thanks, Bill! Like any politician, I'll answer your questions as soon as the polls come in. :)

Rayford said...

Really beautiful work Mike. I love the texture and economy of form.

cata said...

Beautiful Mike!
Great colors!

Josh Hoye said...

I voted for yah brutha!