Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Its October

So lets pretend this is my Africa, even though it has nothin to do with Africa. Ive been super busy lately. We will resume topics next week!!


Bill Ferguson said...

Those Amish African Pumpkin farmers look fantastic! Those clouds in the back ground look great too.

Steve Schwartz said...

yeah, they look like africans to me. and that is the best rhino i've seen in a while, but why'd you make it soo orange?

DigitalBones said...

haha thanks for understanding. hahaaha

mike r baker said...

It's a great illo, Josh. I love the emotion and interaction.

Thad Starr, of Pleasant Hill, Oregon, won the annual pumpkin weigh-off with a 1,524 pound pumpkin. He'll get $6 a pound, bringing his winnings to $9,144.

Just thought you should know. :)

Josh Hoye said...

awesome! thanks Mike!