Sunday, September 23, 2007

Good Day Sir! (Bigfoot and Yeti edition)

Bigfoot, Yeti, Loch Ness Monster, all of that stuff facinated me as a kid. It still does today, but I tend to get more excited about weird animals that they really do find, like furry lobsters. I've got a couple more ideas for some cryptid art, and if I'm lucky I'll get to it this week.

By the way, I'm Matt Schuster and it's nice to meet everyone. I hope to be more of an active member in the community and post some thugs soon.


Steve Schwartz said...

awww, i'd buy ANY vacuums they had to sell.
very cool! can't wait to see more. welcome!

Bill Ferguson said...

They both are Awesome! I am nuts about that 1950's flat gouache hand painted look. Welcome aboard!

mike r baker said...

Fantastic! Thoroughly fun! I love the fat ties and hair sticking out of the trouser legs.

I checked out your blog. Looks like you've developed an awesome cross between Jim Flora and Tim Biskup in your style. Your stuff rocks!

Josh Hoye said...

Haha this is great Matt!! I just finished up a comic about ol Mr. Foot. I know him well, he a good guy.

P.S. WELCOME to I.M.!!