Wednesday, July 11, 2007

god bless the irish

a fine as any a piece to be introduced wit. all you'se wise guys listen up, this here is Steve and i'd like ta...*aheam* so sorry, I had a gangster caught in my throat. anyway, i figured i'd participate cus it look fun as hell around here!
a few rum runners outside the boarder of canaidia, but if you was to rat em out, you betta believe you me, they'd find you, and make you wish you'd never been born.
went a little overboard with the colors, here's the drawing.
hope you guys like meee!


Bill Ferguson said...

Amazzzzzzzazing my friend. I love your colors and background with the stars. Awesome, It's cool because you have a different kind of mob like the kind that will hunt me down and kill me on the side of the highway when I am driving to New Jersey for summer vacation. Thanks Steve!!! Seriously awsome work.

Josh said...

Yeh yeh yeh, welcome to da mafia. Enough wit da mushy stuff...looks great man, you killed it.