Thursday, August 24, 2006

old school cartoon

so here it is. find an old school cartoon and do it up in your style. "sorry albert i skiped the sketchbook post" but here is a ruff study i did of underdog not sure if im going to ues it or not. let me know what yall think. take it easy
- mike


red said...

HAHAHHAAA! SPILTIN' IMAGE DONE IN YOUR GLORIOUS FASHION!!! Freaking Marshall would be proud! the second one looks real mean and scarey though! dont forget to post dem sketches!!

mike corrick said...

o i will i got em i jsut need to post em up

JHoye said...

well, well, well...its about freakin time fellas. Mike looks awesome. Im workin on mine right now. Ill post stuff up soon.